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  5. iPhone 5: Apple fans call for ethical smartphone

iPhone 5: Apple fans call for ethical smartphone

iPhone 5: Apple fans call for ethical smartphone

Some of Apple’s manufacturing partners' more controversial working practices have been brought to light again today, care of a petition that’s fast gathering support across the web.

Question marks over Chinese partner Foxconn's treatment of its employees hit the wider public’s consciousness in 2010 when it emerged that a spate of suicides had occurred as workers came under pressure to fulfil huge demand for the iPhone 4.

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Concerns once again came to the fore last week when the New York Times ran an article outlining alarming conditions in Foxconn's factories, despite Apple’s efforts to monitor them more closely.

In response, lobbying site the SumOfUs has initiated a petition calling for a more ethically produced iPhone. And at the time of writing, a groundswell of support and coverage meant it had raced to 40,000 signatures.

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, executive director of SumOfUs, said: "If [Apple CEO] Tim Cook is really offended by these allegations, why isn't he doing anything to fix the problems?"

"This is the supply chain he set up as COO - he needs to start taking responsibility, not blaming the messenger."

Apple has yet to formally respond to the petition, but that could change if it reaches its target of 50,000 names.


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