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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3: new snap hints at bendy form factor

Samsung Galaxy S3: new snap hints at bendy form factor

Samsung Galaxy S3: new snap hints at bendy form factor

Photographic evidence has emerged that the Samsung Galaxy S3 could feature a radical flexible form factor, corroborating rumours that first surfaced last year.

Back in December, reports emerged that the successor to the S2 will feature a flexible OLED touchscreen. These were based largely on Samsung revealing it plans to introduce bendy displays to its smartphones at some stage during the first half of 2012.

Today, the rumour that the S3 will be the first kit to feature the technology got a fresh layer of credence after spy shots purportedly surfaced on a Chinese website showing a Samsung-branded device, claimed to be the S3, with a freakishly curved design.

According to the source of the images,, the handset will also rock a 4.6-inch screen with the same Super AMOLED Plus tech that featured in the S2 and offer 3D media playback and camera capabilities.

How far we can trust the site and its snap is something of a moot point, however. Although has broken some of bona-fide tech stories before, this one feels rather fanciful to us.

We can readily imagine a future Samsung smartie toting a bendy display. But we don’t think the gadget-maker would risk alienating the mass market with such unproven tech on a device as important to its bottom line as the S3.

Other features mooted to be on board the handset, most of which are a lot more realistic than the above, include a sinewy quad-core processor, a 12-megapixel camera and a special coating that makes the phone’s innards waterproof.

For a full round-up of the latest S3-related speculation, check our handy overview.



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