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Sony Windows phone breaks cover

Sony Windows phone breaks cover

Images claimed to be of a Sony Windows phone have surfaced online, as anticipation builds ahead of the gadget-maker's product showcase at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Photos sourced by WPDang and picked up on by phonearena reveal what appears to be a Sony-branded handset running Microsoft’s OS. Assuming it’s the real deal and not an elaborate mock-up, the phone would be Sony’s first tilt at a phone powered by the platform.

sony windows phone

The handset, apparently codenamed Julie, is also remarkable for featuring a slide-away keyboard and a landscape form factor of the kind that has fallen out of favour of late.

Other than that, it's home to a screen we’d guesstimate isn’t too far shy of four-inches, as well as a two-tone black-and-white colour scheme.

The Julie likely to make its official debut at MWC later this week, alongside the recently uncovered Sony Xperia U Android phone.


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