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  5. Amazon Kindle Fire to come in 7" & 10" screen options

Amazon Kindle Fire to come in 7" & 10" screen options

Amazon Kindle Fire to come in 7" & 10" screen options

The second Amazon tablet will be available in two screen sizes to appeal to the hardcore tablet market as well as mass-market buyers who crave a device that's equal parts slate and ebook reader.

Amazon’s first effort, aka the Android powered, seven-inch screen-toting Kindle Fire, racked up close to four million sales in the US alone in a micro-sized pre-Christmas window.

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In so doing, it became the first really viable iPad challenger – thanks in no small part to the fact that it offered the option to flip between e-reader and tablet functionality and its attractive $200 price point.

Not surprisingly, then, the seven-inch form factor is being retained for the next-generation Kindle Fire, DigiTimes claims.

However, according to the site’s sources, it'll be accompanied by a beefier ten-inch model with screen dimensions that put it broadly in line with the iPad.

A due date for the next gen tablets from Amazon aren't yet established. However, if previous releases for the original Kindle and the Kindle Fire are anything to go by, expect the second set of Kindle Fire slates to drop during the last quarter of 2012.

That said, the first Kindle Fire has yet to land in the UK months after it debuted in the US. So it’s odds on we’ll probably have to wait a little bit longer for its successor too.



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