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  5. iPad 3 could feature advanced haptic feedback

iPad 3 could feature advanced haptic feedback

iPad 3 could feature advanced haptic feedback

Apple’s soon-to-be-unveiled next-generation iPad could boast a revolutionary new touch feedback technology, industry observers believe.

Last week, the Cupertino-based giant sent out press invites that simply stated the date March 7th (today) and a typically cryptic message: "We have something you really have to see. And Touch."

Note the part that says ‘And Touch’, written in a separate sentence with the word touch starting with a capital T. While it may not seem like much, Apple is not known to use words in invites unless it is teasing about a potential feature or product.

Its invites for last year’s iPhone 4S launch, for instance, stated ‘Let’s talk iPhone’, which turned out to be a hint at Siri. This got some experts thinking that the emphasis on the next iPad could be on its touchscreen capabilities.

Charles Arthur of The Guardian believes this might be related to an impressive new haptic technology developed by Finnish outfit Senseg that is capable of creating the sensation of actual real world materials (such as silk, rippling corrugated iron, sandpaper, etc) by electrically stimulating the nerves at the user’s fingertips.

Other features rumoured to be on board include a faster, a high density (possibly retina), display, upgraded cameras and a slimmer design.

Whatever it is, we’ll find out tonight at 6pm (GMT) when the event kicks off. Keep ‘em peeled for our full coverage.


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