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  5. New iPad/iPad 3 has overheating issues

New iPad/iPad 3 has overheating issues

New iPad/iPad 3 has overheating issues

Apple’s “new iPad” is the hottest device in town right now – and we don’t mean that just figuratively - amid complaints from early adopters that the latest-generation tablet is susceptible to overheating.

Users who snapped up the just-released slate are reportedly experiencing an abnormal amount of heat being produced by the device, causing some units to shut down and display the message: “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”.

Disgruntled customers have taken to the forums, though their numbers seem relatively small, which tells us this may not be a widespread problem or even a hardware defect.

Some have suggested that the overheating may be due to using the tablet under direct sunlight for a prolonged period. However, one owner responded to the theory, saying: “Even in a relatively cool environment, direct sunlight will cause it to shut down.

“I have had it shut down at very inconvenient times because I had not positioned it out of sunlight. No other piece of consumer electronics that I am aware of is as sensitive as the iPad.”

Moreover, users were also shocked to find that basic apps that came installed with nearly every iOS device to date, such as Weather, Stocks, Clock, Calculator, Voice Memos & Compass, are all M.I.A. on the new iPad.

Apple has yet to comment on the concerns and is unlikely to do so unless the reaction reaches the scale of the infamous Antennagate.

The Cupertino-based giant has stated the iPad had a “record weekend”, but did not reveal actual sales numbers.



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