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  5. New iPad unveiled: retina display, A5x processor & 5MP camera on board

New iPad unveiled: retina display, A5x processor & 5MP camera on board

New iPad unveiled: retina display, A5x processor & 5MP camera on board

Apple has lifted the lid on the third-generation iPad, in the second major product launch of the post-Steve Jobs era.

Unveiled amid the now all-too familiar hyperbole of an Apple unveiling complete with overuse of the word “amazing”, new CEO Tim Cook showcased a tablet broadly in line with pre-release speculation.

new ipad small

That meant that very much present and correct in the device dubbed the New iPad was a so-called “resolutionary” high-density retina display. Named in a survey as the feature that uSwitch Tech users most wanted to see, the display offers 3.2 million pixel resolution – higher than an HDTV.

Also on board was an improved processor. However, although the dual-core A5x chip features four times the pixel pushing capabilities for graphics, it isn’t quite the boost to a quad-core number that some had been hoping for.

Completing the enhancements is a five megapixel iSight camera with auto-exposure and autofocus, plus a slick-looking remix of iPhoto editing software and 4G LTE support in select territories.

Contrary to the consensus from the Apple rumour mill and what were purported to be prototype cases, Cupertino retained the same design and did not introduce a smaller model with a seven-inch screen.

The Siri voice control app that debuted in iPhone 4S was also omitted, although in its stead there is a voice dictation app function that ought to take at least some of the strain out of typing lengthy mails and docs on the touchscreen keyboard.

Nonetheless, the suite of improvements that have made it to the New iPad will be enough to allow Apple to continue to dominate the tablet space, forecast uSwitch technology expert Ernest Doku.

He said: "Judged on specs alone, this iPad truly is streets ahead of the other leading tablets on the market – before factoring in the competitive price point and wealth of software on the App Store.

"With more horsepower under the bonnet, an all-new five megapixel camera and a mind-blowing display bringing higher definition images than the TVs in our homes, the new iPad certainly wows in the feature stakes.

"4G capabilities definitely cater more for the US where this service is established, but it certainly shows how much Apple is really future-proofing their new tablet."

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