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  5. Nokia slams big screen phones, calls them ‘stupid’

Nokia slams big screen phones, calls them ‘stupid’

Nokia slams big screen phones, calls them ‘stupid’

Nokia has dismissed large screens on smartphones as a feature that will inevitably dawn on buyers as nonsensically oversized.

A senior mover-and-shaker at the Finnish giant took a swipe at rivals Samsung and HTC for rushing headlong to incorporate bigger and bigger displays on handsets to stay ahead of the competition, stating that consumers will eventually realise how ‘stupid’ it all is.

Speaking to Pocket-Lint, Nokia’s executive vice-president Niklas Savander, said: "There is a monster-truck syndrome coming soon in my opinion, that at some point in time people will just say 'this is stupid’.

"It is hard to say when that will happen, but advances should be about what new technologies can we create, not just about making screens bigger."

Savander’s comments come as Nokia announced the Lumia 900 for Europe at this week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), featuring increased screen real estate from its debut Windows Phone effort the Lumia 800.

Gargantuan screens aside, the introduction of quad core processors has also come under scrutiny at Espoo. Nokia boss Stephen Elop famously said: "You don't need a quad-core phone unless you want to keep your hands warm in your pocket.”



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