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  5. Samsung Galaxy S2 designer hits back at Apple

Samsung Galaxy S2 designer hits back at Apple

Samsung Galaxy S2 designer hits back at Apple

The man behind the look and feel of the Galaxy S2 has testily refuted Apple’s claims that the best-selling blower cops its moves from the iPhone.

In an interview with The Chicago Tribune, Vice-President of Design at Samsung’s Mobile Division Lee Minhyouk dismissed suggestions that he had “slavishly copied” Apple’s handset for the S2 and its tablet-sized cousin the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S2

He said: "I've made thousands of sketches and hundreds of prototype products [for the Galaxy range]. Does that mean I was putting on a mock show for so long, pretending to be designing?

"As a designer, there's an issue of dignity. [The Galaxy] is original from the beginning, and I'm the one who made it. It's a totally different product with a different design language and different technology infused."

Minhyouk also issued a none-too-veiled threat at Apple that he intends to up the ante with future devices, as Sammy continues its mano-a-mano struggle for mind and market share with the Cupertino tech giant.

"I might not be at [Apple designer Jonathan Ive's] level yet. But I believe Samsung will produce such iconic products one day.

"I'm confident that one day Samsung will make a product that defines our time, and I hope it's one of mine."

Minhyouk’s comments come as the two companies are embroiled in an increasingly acrimonious, international courtroom battle over alleged patent infringements.


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