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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 image leak hints at redesign

Samsung Galaxy S3 image leak hints at redesign

Samsung Galaxy S3 image leak hints at redesign

Another snap purporting to be of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has leaked online, suggesting the phone-maker could opt for a more radical design overhaul than previously unearthed images had hinted.

Last week, a photo cropped up on Phone Arena apparently showing the S3. The image revealed a form factor that was largely unchanged from the S2, except that Samsung had dispensed with physical buttons and made room for more screen real estate.

samsung galaxy s3 leak

However, over the weekend a new photo surfaced in Reddit’s Android section depicting a handset purported to be the S3 but with a very different look.

Among the differences in evidence is an edge-to-edge bezel to make room for a larger screen and what looks like a significantly slimmer form factor. And there’s a dedicated camera button on the side of the phone and a two-tone colour scheme too.

It’s thought that some of the changes are aimed at circumventing legal action from Apple, which is locked in a series of patent infringement legal tussles with Samsung.

The S3 was originally expected to launch in February at Mobile World Congress, but has been delayed to allow Sammy to co-ordinate a more impactful simultaneous global release.

Features expected to be on board the phone include a waterproof coating, a 12 megapixel camera and a Tegra3 quad-core processor to bring it up to speed with the similarly brawny HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X.



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