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  5. Siri used by 8 out of ten iPhone 4S owners

Siri used by 8 out of ten iPhone 4S owners

Siri used by 8 out of ten iPhone 4S owners

Siri is being used regularly by the overwhelming majority of iPhone owners, despite the tepid response afforded the voice-activated assistant in the tech press.

According to a survey of what we’re guessing were US-based iPhone 4S users conducted by Parks Associates, 87 per cent claimed to make regular use of the application that allows users to command their handset to carry out functions using only their voice.

iOS 5 Siri

The most popular use for Siri was for making phone calls and sending text messages, with conducting searches not too far behind.

Interestingly, given how vehement some of the criticism of Siri has been, over 50 per cent of the sample said they were ‘very satisfied’ with Siri.

Meanwhile, a further 21 per cent described themselves as ‘satisfied’, with only a single-figure proportion of those quizzed said they ‘unsatisfied’.

John Barret, Director of Consumer Analytics at Parks Associates, said: “Consumers like Siri because it's convenient, easy to use, and helpful for remembering important information (e.g: birthdays) and its hands-free capability makes it easy to send texts, emails, and phone calls.”

Touted as the key differentiator between the iPhone 4S and earlier models, Siri is still missing key functions in the UK. Not least the ability to search for local businesses.


Park Associates

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