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  5. Sony Xperia Pepper snapped & specc’d

Sony Xperia Pepper snapped & specc’d

Sony Xperia Pepper snapped & specc’d

Images and specs for the fourth-ever Sony only-branded handset have cropped up online, as the one-time Ericsson partner continues its bid to do it alone in the smartphone sector.

Sourced by and picked up by the Xperia Blog, the leaked snaps of a phone purportedly dubbed the Xperia Pepper reveal a kit that differs negligibly from Sony’s initial crop of challengers, the Xperias U, P and S.

sony xperia pepper

And as far as specs go, it’s business as usual there too. Features reportedly include a 3.7-inch WVGA854 display and a 1GHz dual core processor that places the Pepper firmly in the mid to low end of the market.

News of forthcoming Sony kits comes as the Xperia S last week went on sale on Three in the UK starting from £30 per month over 24 months on the Essential Internet 500 plan, complete with a free handset.

Want it on the One Plan instead? You’re looking at a higher outlay of £36 per month, also with zero initial outlay for the phone and over a two-year contract term.


Xperia Blog

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