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  5. HTC One S coating prone to chips, phone-maker pledges fix

HTC One S coating prone to chips, phone-maker pledges fix

HTC One S coating prone to chips, phone-maker pledges fix

The HTC One S’s shell is much less resistant to bumps than the phone-maker’s PR suggests, it has emerged, amid a number of complaints of chipped paint from owners.

Promotional bumph for the handset made much of HTC’s production process whereby the One S’s unibody, aluminium exterior is treated with electricity to create a coating that we were told is four times as hard as standard anodized aluminium.

htc one s chips

So robust is the protective layer, in fact, that HTC claimed there was no need to shield its smartie in a case.

Not so, apparently. As a smattering of user testimonies on the XDA forum testify, the paint that coats the handset appears to be prone to chipping, creating an unsightly pocked look.

Also weighing in with a One S paint complaint was MoDaCo founder, good egg and dev doyenne Paul O’Brien, who took to his site to complain about it.

O’Brien writes: “I have been using my One S almost exclusively over the long weekend and I noticed that on the top edge of the device, it appeared that a small piece of the black coating had chipped off revealing the lighter metal underneath.

“Now, I should point out that I am EXTREMELY careful with my devices so I wouldn't expect this to have happened and I also hadn't dropped the device.”

HTC, to its credit, has responded pretty much instantly and has pledged to fix that problem for the “few, isolated” One S users affected.

The phone-maker stated: “The finish on the One S was laboratory tested as being at a hardness similar to ceramic. While that’s hard, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to damage.

“Regardless, HTC takes quality very seriously and are providing all customers with an immediate fix and we are implementing some small changes to ensure customers do not experience this issue in the future.”

htc one s

News of problems with the One S come HTC moved to refute claims of screen issues with its flagship phone for 2012, the One X.


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