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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3: another image of disguised phone leaks online

Samsung Galaxy S3: another image of disguised phone leaks online

Samsung Galaxy S3: another image of disguised phone leaks online

New photos of a smartphone purported to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 in disguise have leaked online, as the pre-release circus around the smartie comes to more and more resemble the febrile fuss that surrounds a new iPhone.

The weeks leading up to an iPhone product refresh are some of the most exciting and best fun in the tech calendar, as supposed leaks and counter-leaks flood in from every conceivable source.

And with anticipation building ahead of the S3 launch, Sammy's kit is now the subject of similar levels of hype which the company must do its best to control.

samsung galaxy s3 dummy

Earlier this month, it emerged that Sammy had this time around copied Apple’s tactic of sending out disguised versions of the soon-to-land smartphone to carriers to prevent details of the phone getting into the public domain.

The first of these secret-squirrel smarties emerged from its hidey-hole courtesy of Gizmodo Brazil last week. And today, we’ve got another look at one.

The snap, which surfaced on Chinese forum Mobile O1 and was picked up on for us in the West by The Verge, shows a phone that appears to ditch stock Android on-screen buttons for a layout of its own choosing.

Blink and you’ll miss them changes include a custom-designed, larger menu button, as well as repositioned back and multi-tasking buttons.

Whether those fixtures and fittings will survive the final cut is something we’ll find out when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is officially unveiled on May 3rd.

samsung galaxy s3 invite

Estimated to have racked up ten million pre-orders already, the S3 is also expected to feature a quad-core processor and a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD screen.

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