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  5. BlackBerry-maker 'fesses up to 'Wake-up' Apple store PR stunt

BlackBerry-maker 'fesses up to 'Wake-up' Apple store PR stunt

BlackBerry-maker 'fesses up to 'Wake-up' Apple store PR stunt

BlackBerry-manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) has confessed it was behind a PR stunt at an Australian Apple outlet that urged iKit buyers to change their uncritical attitude to products from the House of Cupertino.

The stunt, which was staged last week, saw shills masquerade as a mob of black-clad protestors outside an Apple store in Sydney while exhorting would-be customers to ‘wake up’.

It was initially thought that Samsung, which is embroiled in a legal spat with Apple and whose recent ads haven’t fought shy of taking potshots at its rival, was responsible.

Not so. RIM has today claimed culpability in an official statement that reveals that the paid-for flash mob was the first in a “series of experimental activities" it plans to stage.

RIM stated: "We can confirm that the Australian 'Wake Up' campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia.

"A reveal will take place on May 7th that will aim to provoke conversation on what 'being in business' means to Australians."

So far, so cryptic. But the ‘being in business’ bit suggests to us at least that whatever RIM has got up its sleeve will be aimed at rubbishing their iPhones' credentials as business blowers compared with BlackBerrys.

Whatever the case, we’ll find out soon enough.

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In the meantime, we can’t help but mention that for us RIM’s tactics ill behove the company. We understand that RIM is struggling and that times like that base tactics are in order.

But we still feel that a bit of dignity would serve the company a lot better. Especially if it’s serious about restoring its appeal to its core market of sober-suited enterprise users.


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