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  5. iPad prototype goes for £6,500 on auction site

iPad prototype goes for £6,500 on auction site

iPad prototype goes for £6,500 on auction site

A prototype of the first-ever iPad has fetched $10,000 (£6,500) at auction - a snip given the price of other landmark Apple kit that fell off the supply chain.

The work-in-progress version of the slate differs principally from the edition that came to market with the inclusion of two docks.

Apple’s dual-dock approach, one is under the home button as usual with another is secreted on the longer side of the slate, did not make the cut for the final edition. But in truth it might’ve been more than a bit handy for movie-viewing in landscape mode.

ipad prototype

Intriguingly, the iPad, which is loaded with the Switchboard software that Apple uses for trialling devices, is described by the seller as "fully functional" apart from its touchscreen. However, given that the display is the primary user interface, we’re not sure how that really works.

On top of that black mark, it’s worth noting that the version of the iPad that the buyer paid thousands of pounds for isn’t even the top-of-the-range model. In fact, with just 16GB of memory and no support for 3G connectivity, it’s very much entry-level.

Still, its worth as an investment can't be underestimated. Especially in light of the eye-watering £130,000 an Apple 1 fetched at Christie's back in 2010.


Apple Insider

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