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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 availability: who's got what?

Samsung Galaxy S3 availability: who's got what?

Samsung Galaxy S3 availability: who's got what?

The S3 has been subject to the kind of febrile pre-release hyperbole that was once the preserve of iPhones.

Now it’s finally up for grabs – albeit subject to delays - we take a look at your buying options. And try to keep you up to speed with how those irksome supply shortages are affecting your carrier of choice.


Samsung Galaxy S3 white official

Voda is offering the handset free from £41 per month over a two-year contract term. That gets you a generous 2GB of moble web usage and 900 call minutes per month, plus unlimited texts. You'll also received unfettered data for the first three months under the 'Data Test Drive' offer.

The bad news is that Vodafone has been affected by the shortages. If you pre-ordered the phone, Voda pledges to try and get your phone to you within five working days of the official May 30th due date.

The worse news is that if you sign up for one now, they’ll aim to deliver it within two to four weeks of receipt of your order.

Earlier indications from Voda suggested this applied only to some models, namely the pebble blue version in both memory options: 16GB and 32GB, and the 32GB edition in white.

However, with no distinction between iterations and delays seeming to apply on the official website, it looks like the 16GB white model is in short supply too.


Always keenly priced, Three is offering the S3 for free from £34 per month on the One Plan. Allowances here are 2.000 minutes, a further 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5,000 texts per month. And you get all-you-can-eat data that was the One Plan’s major selling point.

We contacted Three for the skinny on the delay and how it has affected them and they told that the blue model will indeed be unavailable initially. That’s confirmed by the fact that at the time of writing, it’s listed as ‘out of stock’ on the carrier’s website.

The white edition looks to still be available for pre-order, though. And there’s no mention of a delivery delay either.


Samsung Galaxy S3 blue slanted official

O2’s S3 contracts offering the S3 free start at £44 per month, with allowances of 1,200 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of data each month.

To mitigate the impact of the shortages and manage customer expectations, O2 has temporarily suspended pre-orders for the pebble blue edition. How the white edition has been affected isn’t yet clear.


If you want to snare a free S3 on T-Mobile, you’re looking at a minimum monthly outlay of £41 per month over 24 months. The bonus is that includes unlimited calls, texts and data.

Unlike other carriers, T-Mobile is listing all models for pre-order with a despatch date of May 30th if you sign up today, that is.


Samsung Galaxy S3 blue slanted official

T-Mobile’s partner network under the Everything Everywhere brand is offering the phone free from £36 per month on the Panther Extra plan. Here, 600 mins, unlimited texts and 1GB of data per month is the order of the day.

Orange hadn’t notified would-be buyers of availability when we were putting this together. But we’ll let you know the dealio right here when we hear anything.

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