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Samsung Galaxy S3 blue edition delayed?

Samsung Galaxy S3 blue edition delayed?

The so-called 'pebble blue' edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks set to be in short supply in the immediate days and weeks following its release, reports suggest, and may not make it at all to some retailers.

With pre-orders of nine million or so, the S3 is expected to be Sammy’s biggest launch ever. It’s also forecast to easily surpass the 20-million-plus lifetime sales of the S2.

But its chances of being the fastest-selling phone in Sammy's history might have taken something of a knocking today.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

According to the Dutch tech types at Tweakers, unnamed manufacturing problems mean that 600,000 backplates for the blue edition have been written-off. Naturally, this is almost certain to impact on stockholdings and availability of the blue version.

However, consolingly the UK will reportedly be unaffected by any shortages that result, presumably because we're seen as something of a priority market.

The S3, whose curved design and user-friendly interface features saw it touted as a phone that was ‘inspired by nature and designed for humans’, goes on sale on May 30th and is available to pre-order now from all major UK carriers and vendors.



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