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Samsung Galaxy S3 already ‘fastest-selling’ smartphone of 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 already ‘fastest-selling’ smartphone of 2012

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is setting the pre-order charts alight with ‘thousands’ of customers reserving the handset ahead of its highly anticipated launch next week, Carphone Warehouse has confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 white official slanted

The Galaxy S3 hits store shelves on May 30th with pre-order units to be available from 7pm the day before. Although Samsung forbids sellers from revealing actual numbers, Carphone claims to have been inundated with demand for the phone it’s calling ‘fastest-selling’ of the year so far.

Graham Stapleton, Chief Commercial Officer at Carphone Warehouse, said: "Pre-order demand for the new Galaxy S3 has surpassed expectations since the handset was first unveiled two weeks ago. The first 24 hours alone saw thousands placing their pre-order at Carphone Warehouse.

“The Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the fastest selling pre-order of 2012 so far. We're gearing up for an exceptionally busy launch day at the end of the month as the handset lands on shelves at our stores across the UK."

An unnamed Samsung employee has previously stated the handset has already racked up nine million pre-orders from networks and vendors around the world.

In a recent poll, nearly two-thirds of uSwitch Tech readers said they were holding off on buying a new smartphone until the launch of the Galaxy S3.

Highlights of the flagship kit include a positively massive 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and an eight-megapixel camera.

Also on board are numerous software enhancements, including a person voice assistant called S Voice similar to Apple’s Siri, and SmartStay which tracks the user’s facial movements to conserve battery life.

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