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  5. Samsung: Galaxy S3 not ‘designed by lawyers’

Samsung: Galaxy S3 not ‘designed by lawyers’

Samsung: Galaxy S3 not ‘designed by lawyers’

Claims that Samsung's legal entanglement with Apple has hugely influenced the design of the Galaxy S3, have been shrugged off by a mover-and-shaker at the phone-maker.

Samsung Galaxy S3 white official

Samsung design VP Chang Dong-hoon has hit back at assertions that the company’s soon-to-land flagship kit is the brainchild of lawyers, rather than creative types.

Speaking to iNews 24, Dong-hoon, said that while he closely watched courtroom battles across the world, “the phone that’s on the market meets its initial design”, which he claims was planned over a much longer period.

“Our smartphone design changes in accordance to a five-year plan at Samsung Electronics and is not due to a sudden turnaround,” he explained.

Apple has long accused the South Korean giant of ‘slavishly’ copying the design and technology of iOS products onto a number of Galaxy-branded devices.

Samsung, naturally, refutes these claims and has so far managed to avoid any seriously damaging legal action that could have impeded its bid to become the leading smartphone manufacturer.


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