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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 dropping July?

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 dropping July?

Amazon is about to unveil its second tilt at an Android tablet, as it bids to make good on strong sales for its debut effort, the Kindle Fire.

According to a source cited by CNET, the Kindle Fire 2 is currently being readied for a grand unveiling on July 31st. In the US at least. Despite dropping in November over The Pond, we’re still waiting on the first one over here in Blighty.

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The site’s deepthroat also disclosed that the next-gen Amazon slate will pack a camera and physical volume control buttons, which many considered a major omission from the first Kindle Fire.

The latest round of rumours surrounding Amazon’s tablet plans follow leaks from earlier this month that suggested the second Kindle Fire will be home to a 7-inch display with a higher resolution display.

Pricing is expected to be broadly in line with before. That means a US price of about $199, or about £130.

By some distance the most viable iPad challenger so far, the heavily subsidised Kindle Fire posted particularly strong sales in the run-up to Christmas last year – in so doing bucking analysts’ perceptions that consumers aren’t interested in Android tablets.

Google is also set to launch an own-branded tablet this year, which will almost certainly compete on price with Amazon’s efforts and is likely to debut the Jellybean version of Android.



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