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  5. Samsung denies developing ‘Facebook rival’

Samsung denies developing ‘Facebook rival’

Samsung denies developing ‘Facebook rival’

Samsung has rebuffed claims it is developing its own social network to take on Facebook.

The phone-maker announced via its official blog that reports of a service, imaginatively dubbed ‘Samsung Facebook’, are 'groundless' and stem from a mix-up with an existing service named ‘Family Story’ which launched back in February.

“There have been inquiries and a few articles claiming that Samsung Electronics is going to offer a Facebook-like service, being developed under a code-name called ‘Samsung Facebook.’ However this is not true and the rumor is groundless,” Samsung said.

“It is true that we currently are working on upgrading ‘Family Story’ as we always thrive to provide consumers with enhanced experiences, but this is far from a “Samsung Faceboook” as some are claiming it to be.”

A Facebook rival never made much sense to us, so we’re as baffled as to how or why it caused all this fuss. What’s more likely is that the phone-maker trying to make a social-focussed service that’s available across its entire product line rather than the sort of networking features that Facebook offers.


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