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Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 on sale now

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 on sale now

The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is available now in the UK, offering a blend of Android smarts and a decidedly more compact form factor than the new generation of monster-sized superphones.

Sammy’s wallet-friendly challenger can be had for £149.99 when bought SIM-free and off-contract. Or you can sign up for a two-year contract at £15.50 per month on T-Mobile and pick it up free.

samsung galaxy mini 2 yellow

That gets you a smartie packing a 3.27-inch HVGA screen, a three-megapixel camera and 4GB of on board storage.

Unlike its pricier Galaxy range brethren, the Mini 2 runs the older 2.3 iteration of Android (A.K.A Gingerbread) out of the box rather than the up-to-the-minute Ice Cream Sandwich version. And given that it packs a relatively underpowered 800MHz CPU, an upgrade to ICS is by no means guaranteed.

Very much present and correct, though, is Samsung’s multi-platform ChatOn instant messaging service, plus the gaming and social-networking themed hubs that have been a fixture of Sammy kits for aeons now.

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