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Google Nexus 7 landing July 19th in UK?

Google Nexus 7 landing July 19th in UK?

Confusion surrounds the official UK street date of the Google Nexus 7, after retailers announced conflicting availability information about the slate.

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Dixons, which has joined the official Google Play store in offering the search giant's own-branded tablet for pre-order and whose branch network includes PC World and Currys, features a product listing on its site claiming that Nexus 7 is landing on July 19th.

That’s a full week before Carphone Warehouse, which is reportedly expecting stock of the tablet to be available for despatch from July 27th.

At the time of writing, we weren't able to clear up whether Dixons' due date was the result of human error, or whether it had managed to secure some kind of one-week, lead-in period from Google. Although if it was the latter, we think Dixons would be making a lot more noise about it.

Either way, the impending arrival of the slate sets the scene for a much more heated battle in the tablet market in months to come, as the iPad’s hegemony comes under its most sustained attack yet.

Google’s slate’s chances will be buoyed by its £199 price point, which dramatically undercuts the iPad. At least until such a time as Apple brings the hitherto unconfirmed iPad Mini to market.

Both tech giants will also likely to have to overcome a fresh attack from Amazon, which is rumoured to be working on a similarly budget-priced successor to the Kindle Fire.

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