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iPad Mini 'landing October, shuns retina display'

iPad Mini 'landing October, shuns retina display'

The release of the so-called iPad Mini before the end of the year became even more likely today, after yet more sources stepped forward to corroborate Apple’s plans for a more compact tablet.

Unnamed sources cited by business news bods Bloomberg claim the device will land in October and that it will feature a screen measuring between seven and eight inches. That tallies with earlier supply-chain leaks indicating that Apple will opt for a 7.85-inch display.

iPad mini concept

However, contrary to some speculation doing the rounds, the display won’t be the high-end retina number that featured in the new iPad, the insiders attest. It is thought that a high res screen has been ditched to help keep the asking price down and enable the slate to compete with the just-unveiled Android-powered Google Nexus 7.

Google’s debut own-branded slate teams a seven-inch screen with a sinewy quad-core processor, but crucially still comes in at just £159 for the entry-level 8GB model.

Talk of an iPad Mini has been rife on tech sites for years now, but until recently was seen as so much pie in the sky.

Not least due to Steve Jobs’ vocal opposition to smaller tablets, which he claimed were fiddly to use and didn’t offer sufficient screen space to create winning tablet apps.



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