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  5. iPad Mini to be thinner than Google Nexus 7 and new iPad

iPad Mini to be thinner than Google Nexus 7 and new iPad

iPad Mini to be thinner than Google Nexus 7 and new iPad

Apple’s as-yet unofficial ‘iPad Mini’ will be substantially thinner than the regular sized iPad, schematics for cases purportedly intended for the next-gen slate suggest.

Think iOS has got its hands on some drawings of a third-party case for the iPad Mini, courtesy of unnamed sources in China, revealing some impressive dimensions for oft-rumoured but hitherto unseen device.

iPad Mini leaked case drawing

According to the leaksters, the iPad Mini will be 200.13 mm (7.87 in) tall, 134.73mm (5.3 in) wide and a staggering 7.3 mm (0.29 in) thin.

By way of comparison, the new iPad is 9.4mm (0.37 in) thick, while the iPod touch is 7.2 mm, which corroborates rumours that the iPad Mini will be ‘almost as thin’ as Apple's touchscreen music player.

It also means the tablet is considerably slimmer than Google’s recently unveiled Nexus 7, which comes at 10.45 mm (0.411 in) in depth – making Apple’s effort a more attractive option in the portability stakes.

Although it’s not revealed how much the tablet will weight, we’re thinking it will be broadly in line with rival seven-inch slates, possibly slightly heavier if it rocks an aluminum body like its older siblings.

Specs are still hard to come by but if you place much faith in analysts' forecasts, it will sport a 7.85-inch display and possibly the same dual core A5X processor as the new iPad. However, it’s unlikely to feature Retina resolution or even a rear-mounted camera.

A more svelte iPad could seriously scupper the charge of smaller, cheaper Android slates - even though it’s unlikely that Apple will be able to undercut the competition in price, which is likely to sit somewhere in the region of $299 (£299).

For a more comprehensive list of iPad Mini features, head over to our rumours round-up.


Think iOS

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