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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumours, release date & specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumours, release date & specs

The success of the Galaxy Note confounded a lot of tech watchers, who’d initially dismissed its chances of taking the 'phablet' form factor beyond a very niche market.

Five million sales and a series of on-the-money, high-profile Apple-baiting ads later and all of a sudden those self-proclaimed sages don’t seem so wise after all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 concept

And sure as night follows day, a sequel to the best-selling blower is now reportedly on the way. Already the subject of as much speculation as you’d normally only get with an iPhone, here we corral all the Galaxy Note 2 rumours doing the rounds in a one-stop guide.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs

New Android phones always raise the stakes for smartphone specs, giving Fandroids ample ammo to throw at iPhone fanboys. And even if only some of the rumours are true, the S3 is carrying on that (ig)noble tradition.

It’ll feature a flexible display

Samsung flexible AMOLED display prototype

South Korean site News MK cites sources to posit that the Note 2 will feature a 5.4-inch screen. But crucially, it’ll be flexible OLED fashioned from a plastic substrate instead of glass.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to bend and flex it into shapes as we’ve seen with an amazing Samsung concept kit from a while back. But it does mean that it’ll be more robust and ought to be able to take a knocking and keep on rocking.

It’ll feature a larger screen

According to Ubuntu Life, Samsung will equip its second-ever phablet with a 5.5-inch screen. That’s up from the 5.3-inches of the current-generation model. The larger screen will also feature 1680 x 1050 resolution and a pixel density of 360 per inch.

It’ll run Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean generic banner

This is the closest we get to a racing certainty. For a full breakdown of the new features that Android 4.1 brings to Google’s platform, check out our handy guide.

It’ll take design cues from the Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 blue slanted official

The rounded edges of the S3, apparently inspired by nature, are purportedly set to reappear in the Note. We’re not fully sold on this. And that’s because we think Samsung will keep some distance between the devices to differentiate them in a crowded market.

S-Voice and SmartScreen will be on board

samsung galaxy s3 s voice

The Siri-challenging digital assistant S-Voice, that lets you set reminders and schedule meetings using only your voice, is almost tailor-made for a device with the enterprise appeal of the Note 2.

That goes double for the intelligent sleep mode function that is SmartScreen would also be a neat fit for the Note, whose 5.4-inches-plus expansive screen marks it out as a doozie for watching videos on the go.

It’ll feature a revamped S Pen stylus

s-pen patent

A filing unearthed by Patent Bolt reveals that Samsung is planning a stylus that features a wireless headset secreted within its clip. This combines with voice recognition and voice-to-text technology to enable owners to dictate emails and whathaveyou.

The patent also discloses that the S-Pen will harness the micro-current from users bodies to fool the multi-touch screen into thinking it's a finger. The result? More accurate, more responsive input.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date

Pencil in the Note 2 to show its face around October, insiders say. Or a month earlier in September so as to avoid a direct clash with the iPhone 5, claim another set of folk who are purportedly familiar with matters at Sammy.

In early July, however, the waters got muddier. First we heard that Samsung could lift the lid on the Note 2 at the IFA expo in late August. Then, no sooner had we got used to that idea when signs appeared at the Olympics site that the launch could be quite a bit later.

Either way, it looks like late-Q3/early-Q4 is a banker. So you might want to hold off on your upgrade for a few months yet.

Updated 1

And it's official. The Note 2 is making its debut on the eve of the IFA tech show on August 29th.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price

The Note was up for grabs free from £35 per month at the time of launch. Expect the Note 2 to be priced similarly. For the unlocked version, though, you're probably looking at an outlay of up to £600.

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