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  5. 25% of Phones4U customers opt for JUMP contracts

25% of Phones4U customers opt for JUMP contracts

25% of Phones4U customers opt for JUMP contracts

A quarter of Phones 4U smartphone customers bought a new handset on a JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone) contract during June, laying bare the rise and rise of the once relatively rare breed of the early adopter.

JUMP contracts allow tech types to upgrade their handsets every six months on a rolling basis. The flexible contract is aimed at customers who want the latest smartphones and who are irked by traditional two-year contracts that can leave them stuck what they’d consider a superannuated phone.

In news to surprise almost no-one, the most popular kits bought on JUMP contracts are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S, which accounted for 51 per cent and 40 per cent respectively.

Alistair Firth, Director of Customer Experience at Phones 4U, said: “The initial results support research conducted prior to our trial, which found that some people have been frustrated by 18-24 month contracts and want to get their hands on the latest devices sooner.

“We’ve found this particularly true with early adopters from the younger age ranges, with results revealing a peak for customers aged around 21 taking out JUMP contracts.”

Rather than paying upfront fees when they change phone, JUMP customers are asked to pay an additional initial cost of £2.99-£3.99 per month on top of the standard contract charge.

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