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iPhone 4S price cut on Vodafone

iPhone 4S price cut on Vodafone

Vodafone has cut the price of the iPhone 4S, as the clock continues to tick on the seemingly imminent successor to Apple’s current-gen smartphone.

For what we’re guessing is a limited period, the carrier has reduced the upfront cost of the phone from £59 to £29 when customers sign up to a two-year deal at £36 per month.

iPhone 4S Family

As well as the 16GB edition of the phone in black or white, that outlay buys you 600 minutes and 1GB of mobile data per month and unlimited text messages.

The price cut for the iPhone 4S comes ahead of the release of the latest software for Apple’s handset, iOS 6, which adds 200 new features and enhancements.

Among them is an improved version of the justifiably criticised Siri voice-activated personal assistant app that offers Facebook and Twitter integration for the first time and an updated version of Safari.

Set to land in September, iOS 6 also ushers in Apple Maps mapping software in place of Google Maps, as well as an all-new phone app that sends text replies instead of answering phone calls, either from stock responses or messages composed by the user.

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