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  5. iPhone 5 already on sale in China for $800? Like, rilly?

iPhone 5 already on sale in China for $800? Like, rilly?

iPhone 5 already on sale in China for $800? Like, rilly?

Outrage of the mock and genuine varieties has greeted rumours that the iPhone 5 is on sale in China at a wallet-destroying $800 – a price that even the most flush iFan might consider a little too ‘premium’.

The speculation appears to have stemmed from a ropey-looking snap hosted on a Chinese auction site Taobao depicting what we’re led to believe is the next-gen iPhone alongside a price tag of $5,088 to $6,688. That broadly equates to an outlay of between $800 and $1,100 in the US.

iphone 5 $800

Picked up on by Game N Guide, the image of the 'iPhone 5', which we surmise the buyer is supposed to believe has found its way out of a Foxconn plant in advance of the phone’s release, and its purported price tag has since taken on a life of its own on Twitter.

This has seen sardonic iFans posit what the phone would have to pack to justify that kind of outlay. Our favourites include a feature that enables the handset to double as a jetpack and the ability to turn into a Transformer to battle Decepticons.

News of the latest outbreak of spuriousness from the iPhone 5 rumour mill comes amid separate speculation that the next-gen Apple smartphone will make its debut in October, purportedly alongside a smaller version of the iPad.

Credible sources – or at least ones that are more credible than those detailed above – indicate that the handset will be home to a quad-core processor, a larger four-inch screen and an improved eight megapixel snapper.


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