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  5. iPhone 5 'won’t support NFC', no space for chips

iPhone 5 'won’t support NFC', no space for chips

iPhone 5 'won’t support NFC', no space for chips

The iPhone 5 may not double as a digital wallet after all, after reports emerged claiming that the handset isn’t roomy enough to incorporate the chips the technology requires.

Reports that the handset would feature Near Field Communications (NFC) tech got fresh legs yesterday when a mystery component was sighted in shots purported to show the front panel and innards of the sixth-generation iPhone.

iphone 5 nfc chip

Assuming it is on board, iPhone 5 owners would be able to pay for low-ticket goods and services by swiping their phone over a reader. They could also swap content by touching handsets together and check in at airports.

However, today the NFC iPhone 5 rumour is looking a bit shakier. According to AnandTech, the unibody metal case that the iPhone 5 is purported to pack – and which has been photographed extensively – would impact on the phone’s NFC functionality.

Rumours that Apple is investigating NFC with a view to incorporating it in a phone have been rife since the build-up to the release of the iPhone 4S.

The feature has been a fixture of rival Android phones since 2010 and the advent of handsets running the Gingerbread version of the software.



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