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  5. RIM: BlackBerry 10 to be licensed to other manufacturers

RIM: BlackBerry 10 to be licensed to other manufacturers

RIM: BlackBerry 10 to be licensed to other manufacturers

Research In Motion (RIM) may license its latest BlackBerry 10 operating system to other manufacturers, CEO Thorstein Heins has revealed.

The revamped OS is close to launch and the Canadian phone-maker is contemplating making it available to third parties, which may be a move to ensure it has not only a chance of surviving, but mounting a serious challenge to rivals Android and iOS.

The new platform is built on RIM’s QNX operating system, which features on its PlayBook tablet, as well as cars, nuclear plants and military drones. Now there’s a smartfact for you.

“QNX is already licensed across the automotive sector -- we could do that with BB10 if we chose to,” Heins said in an interview with Bloomberg.

“The platform can be licensed.”

It’s unclear which companies would actually want to develop BlackBerry devices. The big players such as Samsung and HTC already have their hands full with Android and Windows Phone. So even licensing may not guarantee success for RIM.

Down but not out

Sales of the BlackBerry range slumped 43 per cent in the last quarter, as the company continues to lose mind and market share.

However, Hein is adamant that RIM can turn things around and even regain its former status as the world’s leading smartphone maker.

“We’re here to win,” he said. “We’re not here to fight for third or fourth place.”

Heins also said the company has grand plans for a wider BlackBerry 10 ecosystem that included non-smartphone devices.

“Smartphones are a part of our business, but we’re looking way beyond this”

The first BlackBerry 10 handsets are expected to land in January 2013.



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