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  5. Samsung releases Galaxy S3 ‘design story’ video

Samsung releases Galaxy S3 ‘design story’ video

Samsung releases Galaxy S3 ‘design story’ video

Samsung has posted a video, titled ‘Galaxy SIII Design Story’, to give smartfans the background on the creative process that led to the birth of its latest flagship effort.

The video shows Samsung designers explaining exactly how various facets of the handset were ‘inspired by nature’ as we have been told repeatedly since its unveiling back in May.

Galaxy S3 Samsung - official white landscape

The rounded corners and water-themed unlock screen, for example, were supposedly the result of a trip to Singapore’s Marina Bay, where product designer Sangil Song witnessed ‘pebbles in a stream of sparkling under the sunlight’, which he then tried to incorporate into the phone’s design. Natch.

Meanwhile, UX designer Jeeyun Wang reveals how Samsung was intent on designing a phone that was ‘natural, effortlessly easy and emotionally engaging’ for its users.

‘Even though people enjoy the state of the art technology in it, we wanted that technology to be so natural that it becomes almost unnoticeable,’ she explains.

Other more technical aspects are also touched on, but mostly the focus is on emotions and a whole lot of nature and naturalness. It’s all quite touchy-feely, but an interesting watch nonetheless.

Now let’s hope nature doesn’t sue Samsung next.

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