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  5. iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy S3 in Geekbench score

iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy S3 in Geekbench score

iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy S3 in Geekbench score

Apple’s freshly unveiled iPhone 5 has narrowly outperformed every Android device out there, including Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Geekbench results reveal.

Geekbench, in case you were wondering, is an array of benchmark tests designed to measure processor and memory performances of your favourite gadgets. Well, according to a Geekbench results page that mysteriously cropped up over the weekend, the iPhone 5 has a score of 1601, ahead of the Google Nexus 7, which peaks at 1591, and the 20-million-selling Galaxy S3 at 1560.

While it’s not a massive difference, what’s perhaps most impressive is that the A6 processor on board the iPhone 5 is indeed a custom dual-core variety as had been rumoured, compared to the quad-core types under the hoods of its Android rivals.

The results confirm Apple’s claim that the iPhone 5 really is twice as powerful as the iPhone 4S (629) and is the first iOS device ever to cross the 800 mark on Geekbench.

We also learn that it has 1GB of RAM, double that of the iPhone 4S, which means the iPhone 5 should be able to run more memory-intensive applications than ever before.

So what does it mean for you? Not much to be quite frank. Both the iPhone 5 and the four-month-old Galaxy S3 are very powerful smartphones and have merits that deserve equal consideration for your purchase decision.

However, the Apple fanboys among you will probably chalk that up as another victory over the South Korean electronics maker, which lost a lengthy courtroom case against the iGiant last month and has been ordered to cough up $1 billion in damages for ‘wilfully’ infringing on Apple’s patents.



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