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  5. iPhone 5: better battery & larger screen top wishlist, survey reveals

iPhone 5: better battery & larger screen top wishlist, survey reveals

iPhone 5: better battery & larger screen top wishlist, survey reveals

In recent weeks, the iPhone 5 rumour mill has been dominated by talk of super-fast mobile internet, a larger screen and more processing brawn. But the latest bells and whistles are less of a priority to would-be buyers than longer battery life, it has emerged.

In a survey of 1,668 smartphone fanciers conducted by uSwitch Tech, 39.90 per cent of those polled named ‘longer battery life’ as the feature they most want to see on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 placeholder (mock-up)

That’s twice as many as those who want a larger screen, which tech-press heat suggested was the feature that Apple apostles are crying out for but which received 19.54 per cent of the vote.

Also high on tech types’ big list of wants was a quad-core processor (8.69 per cent) in third place to bring Apple’s handset in line with the latest Android superphones and – timely this in light of yesterday's announcement from EE - 4G support (7.67 per cent), which came in fourth.

A redesigned exterior, meanwhile, pulled in 7.85 per cent – a surprisingly meagre showing perhaps given that the current design is now two and a half years old, after the iPhone 4S retained the look and feel of the iPhone 4.

Commenting on the findings, uSwitch Tech wireless wonk Ernest Doku said: "While new software, features and functions are expected to make this new iPhone more impressive than ever, our customers are overwhelmingly clear on what they want from the new handset - 40 per cent are hoping for a longer lasting battery, twice as many as those who would like to see a bigger display.

"Support for 4G speeds is another feature that many are eagerly expecting, and if this comes to be true then the timing would coincide nicely with yesterday's launch of a new super-fast data network from EE.

"Whether or not the new iPhone is going to represent a paradigm shift for Apple is unclear, but with so much strong competition in the market and fans expecting much more than a cosmetic upgrade, the pressure is on to deliver a real evolutionary leap, not just for itself but for its loyal customers too."


Other features to make the top-ten most-wanted list were a better camera (5.61 per cent), more/expandable memory (4.44 per cent), a revamped version of the much-criticised Siri voice commands app (3.66 per cent) and finally, Apple Maps (1.8 per cent) which is set to replace Google Maps as the native mapping application.

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