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  5. iPhone 5 dock adaptor to sell for £10?

iPhone 5 dock adaptor to sell for £10?

iPhone 5 dock adaptor to sell for £10?

Apple will keep the asking price of the new iPhone dock adaptor down to £10, sources suggest, as it bids to ameliorate a massed fit of pique from legacy iKit owners.

Reports that Apple is to replace the 30-pin dock connector with a smaller 9-pin port that has been a fixture of every iPhone since 2007 first surfaced months ago. The news sparked predictions of pitchfork-wielding angry mobs outside Apple stores, as irked punters react to the fact that their entire collection of iPhone accessories becomes obsolete overnight.

iPhone 5 placeholder

Alas, today it seems that those of you were looking forward to some May 1968-style insurrection - and we know there are likely to have been more than a few - are likely to be disappointed.

According to sources cited by iLounge, the “dock connector adaptor”, which third-party manufacturers have purportedly been forbidden by Apple from manufacturing, will sell for $10.

Assuming the usual Apple-product dollars-to-pounds conversion rate applies, that ought to equate to an outlay of £10 – an annoying additional outlay, but hardly one to really get the goat of your average iPhone owner.

The move to a smaller dock connector is apparently intended to free up space for other components.

This is at a particular premium in the next-gen smartphone. Not least because it’ll purportedly accommodate a larger, longer-life battery, as well as a bigger screen and Near Field Communications (NFC) technology that has never before featured in an iPhone.



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