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iPhone 5 photos posted by Taiwanese pop star

iPhone 5 photos posted by Taiwanese pop star

New images purporting to show the iPhone 5 have surfaced online, seemingly confirming much of what we know – or think we know – about Apple’s next-generation smartie.

The snaps, for which we’ve got Taiwanese pop music (T-Pop?) purveyor Jimmy Lin to thank, depict a handset featuring a taller, slimmer form factor and an aluminium backplate. Both of which, you’ll probably not need reminding, have been fixtures of the iPhone 5 rumour mill for months.

iphone 5 popstar

Also present and correct is the much-discussed new, smaller USB connector, which Lin claims features 19 pins and sees Apple ditch the 30-pin port that has been an ever-present in the iPhone since the first model dropped back in 2007.

Sharing the photos on Chinese Twitter-alike Weibo, Lin wrote: “Today I confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be longer and have an aluminum back like the iPad.”

The latest apparent leak of the handset - and it’s worth noting that many have questioned the veracity of the images – come amid speculation that the iPhone 5 could make its debut as early as September 12th.

Other features expected to be on board include a quad-core processor to bring the iPhone more in line with its Android-toting superphone rivals and a larger four-inch screen.


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