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  5. iPhone 5 smashes Samsung Galaxy S3 in drop tests

iPhone 5 smashes Samsung Galaxy S3 in drop tests

iPhone 5 smashes Samsung Galaxy S3 in drop tests

Apple’s iPhone 5 may look largely the same as its forebear and is arguably worse at getting around, but it is also one tough cookie, beating the Samsung Galaxy S3 handily in a series of drop tests.

Conducted by the good folk at Android Authority (the name alone eliminates bias, right?) who got their mitts one of the first iPhone 5s sold in the world Down Under, the tests reveal a stark contrast in the build quality and durability of the two hottest smartphones in market right now. Sadly for S3 owners, it’s not great news.

Both handsets were dropped three times from different heights to replicate what are supposedly the most frequent scenarios of dropping your kits: while taking it out of your trouser pocket, from ear level (about 5 feet 6) and from a whopping 5’10 high just for good measure.

Well, perhaps not too shockingly, the iPhone 5, boasting a sturdier anodised aluminium casing, survived all three falls, coming away with mere dents on the corners and edges and zero damage to the screen.

The S3, though, fared less than admirably. By the final drop, the screen had cracked across the entire length and the battery cover (removable) flew right off.

The results may not ultimately decide which is the superior phone, but it’s pretty clear the iPhone 5 is sturdier and is more likely to withstand a few inevitable drops. Though it is by no means a guarantee that it will be as resilient at all times. So if you’re prone to dropping your phone a lot, we strongly recommend investing in a protective case and insurance.

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