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iPhone 5 Tesco Mobile prices unveiled

iPhone 5 Tesco Mobile prices unveiled

Tesco has become the latest – and most likely the last - UK carrier to show its hand for iPhone 5 pricing, as the countdown continues to its official street date on September 21st.

The supermarket chain’s mobile network is offering the shiniest and spanking-newest bit of Apple kit on a range of contract options offering a mix of allowances for texts, calls and mobile data.

iPhone 5 on Tesco Mobile

But perhaps the pick of these as far as we’re concerned is priced £40 per month, plus a £50 upfront fee for the handset itself. This will nab you monthly allowances of 500 minutes, 5,000 texts and 1GB of data per month.

Along with Vodafone, Tesco Mobile is also one of the few carriers to offer 12-month contracts. These start at £30 per month (£400 upfront fee applies).

Tesco’s announcement leaves Virgin Media as the sole major UK carrier without the iPhone 5 on its books. However, given that it has yet to range any Apple smartphone since the first one landed back in 2007, that shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

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