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  5. iPhone 5 to debut ‘Lightning’ dock connector and ‘Earpods’ earphones

iPhone 5 to debut ‘Lightning’ dock connector and ‘Earpods’ earphones

iPhone 5 to debut ‘Lightning’ dock connector and ‘Earpods’ earphones

Codenames for the much hyped smaller dock connector and the new, revamped earphones that are set to debut with the iPhone 5 have been leaked ahead of the handset’s official unveiling today.

Citing people familiar with matters, 9to5Mac reports that the internal moniker for the so-called ‘mini’, 9-pin dock donnector on board the latest iKit is dubbed ‘Lightning’, similar to the Thunderbolt port on Mac, which suggests a potentially substantial leap in transfer speeds.

Meanwhile, the slick-looking in-ear earphones that leaked recently and are purportedly set to replace the current official iCans, are reportedly, and rather cleverly, called the ‘Earpods’, the sources claim. Though there is no hard evidence yet to confirm whether this will be the actual brand name for the headphones.

The decision, although still unofficial, to reduce the size of the dock connector has not been a popular one amongst iFans, as it could render entire lines of accessories obsolete overnight. However, to ensure compatibility, Apple is expected to release an adapter for around £10 a pop.

The earphones, on the other hand, will most likely be sold for the same price as the current ones (which we’re assuming will be phased out completely), for £26.

The iPhone 5 is due to be officially announced tonight at 6PM UK time. Stay tuned for our full coverage of developments as they unfold.



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