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  5. Nokia Lumia 920 to land in Europe in November

Nokia Lumia 920 to land in Europe in November

Nokia Lumia 920 to land in Europe in November

Nokia’s freshly announced Lumia 920 smartphone is due to launch in Europe before the end of November, a source familiar with developments claims.

According to Reuters, an executive at an unnamed Eastern European carrier has confirmed the 920 will drop in that part of the continent in the second half of November, while larger countries (we’re hoping includes the UK, from an economic angle, at least) are likely to receive it earlier in the month.

Unfortunately for Nokia, the launch is already marred with controversy, after it was discovered that the photo and video samples used to demonstrate the handset’s much-hyped PureView imaging capabilities were in fact taken with a professional camera.

Worse yet, Nokia shares plummeted a catastrophic 16 per cent since the 920 and its smaller sibling, the 820, were announced, as they failed to live up to investors’ expectations.

"The problem is that Nokia has temporarily destroyed the market for its own phones. Nobody will buy the old Windows phone and until the new Lumia comes, the market is absolutely dead," the executive who preferred to remain anonymous, said.

Officially unveiled on Wednesday in New York at a joint press event with Microsoft, the Lumia 920 is the one-time market leader’s flagship smartphone running the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Standout features include a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ display with ClearBlack tech, a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and an eight-megapixel PureView snapper with Carl Zeiss optics.

Elsewhere on board is Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, a 2,100mAh battery and built-in wireless charging much like the ill-fated Palm Pre.

Pricing has yet to be revealed, but we reckon it will sit in the region of £450 to £500. However, contract options should bring that outlay down significantly. So keep your hats on for network announcements in the weeks to come.



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