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iPad Mini launch invites sent out

iPad Mini launch invites sent out

Apple will lift the lid on the iPad Mini next week, invitations to a launch event have all-but confirmed.

Sent out today to the tech press corps, the invites are for a product showcase on October 23rd to be held at the California Theatre in San Jose.

ipad mini invite

Naturally, as is the Apple way, the flyer makes no mention of what the tech giant has got in store for us.

However, the oblique, punning reference to the diminutive dimensions of whatever they’re unveiling in the tagline “we’ve got a little more to show you” means it’s almost certain that we’re finally going to bear witness to the fabled smaller iPad.

Other than that, it’s hard to discern much from the invitation. Although, that said, it’s not stretching credulity unduly that the bright colours are a hint that the iPad Mini will come in an array of colour options a la iPods.

Features of the iPad Mini, which is expected to be up for grabs at an entry-level price point of around £200 have been the subject of conjecture for months now. Among the most likely are 7.85-inch screen, the same Lightning dock connector as the iPhone and an A5 dual-core processor.

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