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  5. iPhone 5 battery claims rubbished by Which?

iPhone 5 battery claims rubbished by Which?

iPhone 5 battery claims rubbished by Which?

Claims that the iPhone 5's battery far outlasts the iPhone 4S have been rubbished by one of the UK’s leading consumer magazines.

As is its wont, Apple loudly trumpets the improvements the iPhone 5’s battery offers. According to blurb on its site, the handset has “more than enough battery power to last throughout the day” and offers “up to eight hours of browsing on a cellular connection”.

iPhone 5 official retina display close-up

Advertising for the handset also claims that the sixth-generation iPhone’s battery outlasts the iPhone 4S by two hours, which topped out at three hours and 20 mins.

Not so, according to a study conducted by Which?

In tests the mag conducted, the iPhone 5’s cell ran out eight minutes before the iPhone 4S. For shame.

Worse for Apple, though, is that both phones were well behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the longevity stakes. Samsung’s wonderkit was found to offer six hours of battery life, which equates to nearly double Apple’s flagship phone.

The findings come after a slew of user testimonies detailing the iPhone 5’s battery problems appeared on Apple support forums, many of which suggest that the problem issues relates to the handset’s software.

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