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  5. iPhone 5: devs warned top brass over Apple Maps’ failings

iPhone 5: devs warned top brass over Apple Maps’ failings

iPhone 5: devs warned top brass over Apple Maps’ failings

Apple top brass were repeatedly warned by developers about the crippling shortcomings of the iPhone’s Apple Maps app but opted to ignore their concerns, it has emerged.

A smattering of devs told CNET that they aired their fears that the service was not up to snuff way back in June. That’s a full six months before the new iOS 6 version of the iPhone’s software ditched Google Maps for Apple’s proprietary solution. And means that there was plenty of time for improvements or a change of course.

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One of the developers, who perhaps not unreasonably opted to remain anonymous, said: "I posted at least one doomsayer rant after each (developer) Beta, and I wasn't alone.

"The mood amongst the developers seemed to be that the maps were so shockingly bad that reporting individual problems was futile."

He added: "What was needed wasn't so much an interface for reporting a single point as incorrect, but for selecting an entire region and saying 'all of this - it's wrong.'"

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Evidence of what looks very much like Apple’s apparent inertia over Apple Maps comes after the app came in for savage criticism for everything from missing locations to catastrophic misspellings.

Recently, it emerged that Apple’s contract terms with Google meant that it was free to carry on using Google Maps as the iPhone’s default mapping solution for another year, but still opted to drop it.

The move away from Google Maps is thought to have been driven by a perceived need to reduce dependence on services from Google, which is also the company behind the rival Android smartphone operating system.



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