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  5. LG Google Nexus 4 prototype lost and found in bar

LG Google Nexus 4 prototype lost and found in bar

LG Google Nexus 4 prototype lost and found in bar

A handset thought to be the LG/Google Nexus 4 has been found in a bar in California, giving us a sneaky look at the handset before its official unveiling.

In a strange echo of the case of the lost iPhone 4 that landed Gizmodo's Jason Chen in legal hot water with Apple way back when, Google’s handset turned up at San Francisco’s 500 Bar yesterday.

lg google nexus 4

According to part-time barman, part-time musician (aren’t they all?) Jamin Barton, who found the phone, the handset was locked and was sans SIM card, so ascertaining anything about the version of Android it runs was a non-starter.

Assuming it is the Nexus 4, it would be expected to run a vanilla version of Android 4.2, which may or may not be the hitherto-unseen Key Lie Pie iteration of Google’s platform.

However, it does feature a ‘not for sale’ sticker, plus LG and Google logos. All of which strongly suggests that we’re looking at is indeed the LG Nexus 4.

Google was expected to unveil the Nexus 4 along with new Nexus-branded smartphones from Samsung and Sony at a press call in New York tonight, before Hurricane Sandy forced the search giant to postpone the event.

Earlier leaks suggest that LG’s first-ever Nexus kit will be home to 4.7-inch LCD, an eight-megapixel camera, Near Field Communications (NFC) technology for contactless payments and a quad-core Snapdragon processor.



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