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  5. Samsung and LG to bring 1080p smartphones in 2013

Samsung and LG to bring 1080p smartphones in 2013

Samsung and LG to bring 1080p smartphones in 2013

Samsung and LG are reportedly planning to equip their flagship smartphones next year with screens boasting full HD resolution, an MK News report suggests.

Citing ‘industry sources’, the South Korean news site claims that the country’s two top electronics makers (also the world’s largest panel suppliers) are looking to step up their games by adding 1080p panels to their smartphone efforts in the first half of 2013.

“Together with Samsung and LG, handset-makers at home and abroad are projected to launch full HD smartphones as handset-makers rushed to release smartphones with high-resolution screens in droves,” the report states.

“Smartphone displays over 300 ppi belong to the HD class in the handset industry. Full HD resolution display, which will be loaded on LG Electronics' smartphones to be launched next year, has a pixel density over 440 ppi. Compared to 40-inch full HD TVS, the display will present clearer images by five to six-folds.”

That’s a marked improvement over the current crop of high-end kids that sport 720p screens. Displays that pack resolutions even clearer than HD televisions are sure to propel smartphones to the so-called ‘superphones’ territory.

It’s unclear whether the first of these handsets, at least from Samsung, will be the Galaxy S4, which is rumoured to tip up at Mobile World Congress in February. LG’s effort, meanwhile, is likely to be a direct successor to the Optimus 4X HD.

Neither, however, will be able to claim responsibility for the ‘first-ever 1080p smartphone display’, as China’s soon-to-land Oppo Find 5, which is also due to be thinnest smartphone yet, already holds that distinction.


MK News

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