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Android 5.0 confirmed by possible Sony Nexus benchmark?

Android 5.0 confirmed by possible Sony Nexus benchmark?

A benchmark test for a hitherto unknown Sony smartphone may have inadvertently confirmed the next major revision of Google’s Android operating system.

Android 5.0, or Key Lime Pie, as it’s been unofficially dubbed in keeping with Google’s custom of picking dessert-themed monikers for software updates, has cropped up in a NenaMark2 results page for an ‘SEMC’ handset by the codename of ‘LT30i’.

SEMC, in case you’re wondering, stands for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication, which is rather odd given it shouldn’t really be called that anymore since Sony acquired Ericsson’s stake late last year.

It might be that internally Sony Mobile still refers to itself as SEMC, or it’s likely that the handset is a prototype that’s been in development since before the acquisition.

It also raises the possibility that Sony might be next in line to develop a Nexus smartphone for Google, after LG became the latest manufacturer to do so.

According to the benchmark page, LT30i packs a 720p HD display (size known), a 1.6GHz processor of unspecified core count and a Qualcomm Adreno 220 GPU. It’s not a lot to go on to speculate whether this really is the much-rumoured Sony Nexus device or something entirely different.

Of course, it’s very much possible that the benchmark may simply be fake. So do take it with a healthy pinch of salt.

If it’s authentic, however, that means Android 5.0 must already be in testing and could be unveiled as early as CES 2013 in January where Sony often lifts the lid on new products.

In any case, we’ll let you know when there’s more intel available on the status of Key Lime Pie and whatever Sony’s cooking up. Keep your hats on.


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