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  5. iPad app downloads trump all Android tablets combined

iPad app downloads trump all Android tablets combined

iPad app downloads trump all Android tablets combined

Apple’s iPads aren't just the best-selling devices in the booming tablet market. They wipe the floor with the competition when it comes to app downloads too, a new study has revealed.

According to figures published by market research firm ABI Research, the number of apps downloaded on iPads was five times those downloaded for Android slates in the first half of 2012.

Granted, this was before the highly acclaimed Google Nexus and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD hit the market. But it doesn’t include Apple’s freshly announced iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad either, which are bound to boost iPad download numbers to even greater heights, having shifted a staggering three million units in their launch weekend alone.

The feat was no doubt helped by the fact there is a major gulf in both quantity and quality of apps available on both platforms. Apple claims there are currently 275,000 apps developed specifically for the iPad, while a large amount of titles available on Android tablets are mostly upscaled mobile apps that offer an arguably inferior user experience.

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Both Google and Amazon significantly undercut iPad prices, for next to no profit on hardware sales, sometimes even making a loss, with the aim to make more money from digital content. Whether this strategy is working, only time will tell, when the online giants reveal their earnings in the upcoming quarters.

For now, though, it seems content is still king, which Apple has in spades and is selling by the bucketload. Although the likes of Microsoft might soon challenge that with its Surface tablet, which runs on Windows 8 and will support PC-like applications sold through the Windows Marketplace.



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