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iPad mini on sale today

iPad mini on sale today

The iPad mini is available to buy today, amid the usual queues of rabid fanboys at Apple Stores across the globe.

Would-be owners of the micro-sized slate can pick up the Wi-Fi-only edition in 30 countries across the globe now. The much-anticipated 4G version will land later in November.

iPad mini white official

The slate is expected to shift as many as one and a half million units in its opening weekend. That's some way below the iPad 3, which did three million sales in the same timeframe when it landed back in March.

But it’s still a welcome fillip for the Cupertino-based crafter of shiny gadgets after worse than expected sales of 15 million units its current-gen slate saw its share price slide.

Unveiled last month and priced from £269, the iPad mini’s spec sheet takes in a 7.9-inch display – compared with the standard iPad’s 9.7-inch screen – and swaps a dual core processor for its big brother’s quad-core chipset.

Former CEO Steve Jobs consistently ruled out a smaller iPad on the grounds that they were fiddly, hard to develop apps for and offered an unsatisfactory user experience.

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