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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 landing April, claims insider

Samsung Galaxy S4 landing April, claims insider

Samsung Galaxy S4 landing April, claims insider

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could land on shop shelves in just four months time, rumours suggest, as more and more details of the phone maker’s plans for 2013 come to light.

According to an insider cited by Sam Mobile, Samsung will once again shun a launch at Mobile World Congress in favour of a special, one-off event for its flagship phone a few months later in April. That’d be almost exactly year after the current-generation Samsung top-end kit, the Galaxy S3, made its debut.

Samsung Galaxy S4 placeholder

The source was unable to shed any light on a putative spec sheet for the handset. However, if earlier rumours are to believed it will run the as-yet-unseen Key Lime Pie version of Android out of the box and could pack a quad-core or even eight-core processor, plus 128GB of on board storage.

Also expected to be present and correct is a five-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. This may not be flexible. Although we think that if, as some are claiming Samsung does bring out a flexible screen-toting handset this year, it wouldn’t risk such a potentially polarising move on its flagship smartphone.

Samsung’s product line-up for next year is also expected to be graced by a cheaper version of the Galaxy Note 2 which is likely to ditch its older brother’s Super AMOLED screen and S-Pen stylus in a bid to keep the asking price down.


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